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Mountainbiking in Salzkammergut

In the middle of the holiday region Traunsee, which is spoiled by nature, life is always active. Sports fans appreciate the unique flora as an inviting starting point for invigorating adventures. In addition to extensive mountain hikes, family ski trips or simply enjoying lively swims, the local recreational offer especially comprises cycling activities. Numerous trails lead bikers across slightly hilly landscapes and demanding terrain. The Salzkammergut is typically characterised by a special kind of sport: The local offers cover all skill levels. For mountain- or e-bikers this means an exciting mixture of rapid downhill and demanding freeride as well as living out their own ambitions.

Mountain-biking in Ebensee at the Feuerkogel

As an impressive local mountain in Ebensee, the Feuerkogel offers one of the region’s most interesting mountain bike tours. It is about 28 kilometres long, including a downhill stretch. Please note that this cycle path is a real challenge in certain places. A short slope of up to 23% awaits you at the start of the route. You will encounter slopes with an incline of about 50° as well as numerous jumps during the ride.

Therefore, please take special care to use sturdy equipment such as guards and a helmet that fits perfectly. Your mountain bike should be equipped with tested disc brakes and a suspension fork with a 200-mm spring deflection. If you have packed sufficient liquids and a nutritious snack, explore the Feuerkogel well rested.


This multi-hour cycle tour through the Höllengebirge mountains starts in the centre of Ebensee. From there you cycle the Traun four kilometres upriver. The well maintained single trail from Soleleitungsweg to Langwies also leads you to your goal - the mountain bike at the Feuerkogel. Follow the gravel road and cross through the woods in front of you. Keep right to follow the signposted mountain bike route. After a moderate slope of 10-12 per cent you will see the Haselwaldstube hut at 840 meters above sea level. Since the following sections are strenuous for adolescents and cycling beginners, an extensive rest is recommended at that site.


Gasthof Edelweiß welcomes you at an altitude of 1,612 metres, which you reach after overcoming the Gsoll slope. To complete the next stage, you will need to manage an incline of 18-23 per cent and loose gravel. In these airy heights, nature offers daring athletes an unforgettable view that compensates for their recent efforts. Just two minutes further by car, the Plediridl awaits you amidst untouched nature with its inviting hiking trail. Nearly all mountain bikers rest here extensively before setting out to descend back into the valley. Daring cyclists who rush to the downhill area from here have many years of experience, optimal equipment and unshakable nerves of steel.

Classic riding, timeless fun

The undisputed classic bicycle tour of Ebensee takes you over the Fahrnau to the natural paradise of Offensee Lake and back. This mountain bike Salzkammergut experience starts in Rindbach, roughly one kilometre east of the town centre. As the route stretches 37 kilometres, you should plan sufficient time and food for your family-friendly excursion. After you have driven around the Rindbach waterfall, follow the slightly ascending forest road to the Bachlbrücke bridge. Here you can take a short detour to the former Rindbach-Klause, depending on your interests. To follow the Fahrnau route, cycle south on path route 422 through Lochbachtal valley. Once you have mastered the steep descent to the Lochbahnstube, you will soon see the Fahrnau hunting lodge. As the route to Lake Offensee is interrupted after 500 m, special care should be taken here. It is also advisable to climb the following trail on foot. Once again, cycle along a forest road that leads you straight to Lake Offensee. During the age of Empress Sisi, this route was used for freight transport as an important part of the Offensee forest railway. Arriving at the banks of this idyllic alpine lake you will marvel at the wonderful Dead Mountain range panorama.

This raises the further legs of the route to a princely delight for all the senses. When you reach the Seeau inn after five kilometres, it's time for a refreshing break. Depending on the season, you can embellish your stop by quickly jumping into the deep blue water of the Offensee lake. The way back to Ebensee or Rindbach is quick and requires little effort: An asphalted road takes you safely back to the starting point of the Classic Mountain-Bike Tour of Salzkammergut.

Experience a double pack of natural paradise – the Langbathsee Lake Route

If you see the Salzkammergut and mountain biking experiences as a unit, the Langbath lakes are recommended as great settings. The region is equally suitable for newcomers to cycling and families with children. With a total distance of 34 kilometres, this route requires some fitness and several breaks. Our In der Kreh inn invites you to stay near the Vorderer Langbathsee Lake. During the tour you will also pass the valley station of the Feuerkogel cable car. Take a short break here before heading up to the Luegpass at an altitude of 830 metres. Once you have reached the Hinterer Langbathsee Lake and have ascended to lofty heights, follow the unmissable hiking trail in the direction of the Grossalm. The forest path Kirchbergmoos now leads you through blooming mixed forests down to an enclosed path. A steep descent then beckons - after a while you reach Altmünster, Neukirchen and the Attersee Lake. The cycle path along the shores of Lake Traunsee, which leads you back to Ebensee via Traunkirchen, is suitable for your journey home.

Lake Traunsee as a host of unforgettable cycling tours

A stay at the idyllic holiday location of the Salzkammergut can be wonderfully rounded off with your mountain bike on Lake Traunsee. 75 per cent of the shoreline are currently accessible and offer an unforgettable view of the sparkling water habitat. The most popular cycling route around Lake Traunsee starts on the left-hand side of the southern embankment. From there you pass the villages Altmünster and Gmunden, which are close to the water. Once the Hoisn is in sight, follow the western shore via Ebensee to Traunkirchen. There you will start your return journey after a relaxing rest. If you prefer a motorised return home, a romantic boat trip is recommended. At regular intervals, steamboats will transport you from the Hoisn landing pier to your desired destination. There is no doubt that the Traunsee region is an Eldorado for adventurous explorers: The numerous cycling and mountain bike trails know how to inspire experts and hobby athletes of all ages.