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Holiday at Lake Traunsee

The picturesque Lake Traunsee is appreciated by nature lovers as a paradisiacal destination of the best kind. A sociable excursion to this oasis is always connected to lasting relaxation and timeless impressions. Above all, travellers appreciate the local wealth of offers, which amaze guests of all ages. Your eyes will not only widen at the view of the majestic mountain peaks: after all, Lake Traunsee and its idyllic setting offer a multitude of treasures to touch and experience.


An overview of the most picturesque parts of the Salzkammergut

Even the rather discerning Romans were already enthralled by this region. As a sign of this, they embellished Lake Traunsee with the epithet ‘the happy lake’. If you look at the rested faces of locals and guests, times do not seem to have changed in this regard. Thus the words ‘Lake Traunsee Austria’ still evoke a knowing smile on numerous faces.


After Lake Attersee, ‘the happy one’ is the second largest lake in the country. At the same time, there is no body of water that is deeper within the borders. It is not surprising that numerous species of fish are at home in such a natural place. These range from perch and pike to char and reedling. With a little luck, you can marvel at the latter in Lake Traunsee exclusively. While the underwater landscape is undoubtedly unparalleled, the nature above the water is considered a more striking highlight. Rolling hills, breath-taking mountain panoramas and grass-green forests characterise the surroundings.


When the flora is covered in soft powdery snow in the cold season, winter sports enthusiasts come here to enjoy extended periods of action. The Feuerkogel as the region’s most beautiful high plateau is usually their destination. Exciting hikes, adrenaline-filled mountain bike tours or sky-high climbing tours enjoy great popularity in the Salzkammergut, regardless of the season.

Enjoy the idyllic market atmosphere in Ebensee

Once you have settled in at your cosy hotel in Ebensee, the other bank of the lake is worth considering. Idyllic villages await your visit here and will offer you and your loved ones unforgettable memories. Besides Traunkirchen, Gmunden and Altmünster, the market town Ebensee welcomes you as the starting point for any excursion. A lovingly compiled potpourri of recreational activities are part of its appeal. For one, this includes a wide range of sports on and at Lake Traunsee. In addition, Ebensee knows how to inspire with a wealth of cultural events. An excellent example of this is the spectacular Glöcklerlauf run. According to records, its roots go back to the 19th century. On the 5th of January, the day before the Feast of the Epiphany, the mystical festivity enters the municipal streets. The bell ringers move through the night as benevolent light spirits. They wear richly decorated caps, carrying beautiful lanterns and filigree bells. The custom says that their appearance on the Twelfth Night drives away evil spirits and offers salvation and blessings.

Built on the refreshing water – Traunkirchen

The tranquil Traunkirchen in the district of Gmunden is currently home to just over 1,600 inhabitants. Similar to Ebensee, this municipality is located directly on the banks of Lake Traunsee. Excavations prove that people already settled this fertile region in the early Stone Age. This trend continued for centuries while the village was able to retain its idyllic charm. Various architectural treasures such as the richly decorated fisherman's pulpit or Villa Pantschoulidzeff underline this. If you would like to arrange a pleasant family excursion, why not hike up the Calvary hill. A visit to the five chapels enthroned on the summit combines nature and culture in an unforgettable way.

Altmünster celebrates atmospheric holiday moments

In the hospitable community of Altmünster on Lake Traunsee, you can enjoy countless ways to admire the wonderful customs of the Salzkammergut up close. This applies to historical buildings as well as traditional festivities. A visit to the parish church Altmünster should definitely be included in any site visit. This church was designed with great attention to detail and is the oldest parish in the district of Gmunden. In 1956, the branch church Reindlmühl was completed as another sacral jewel of Altmünster. The impressive estates at Ebenzweier and Traunsee also invite you to enjoy royal culture. These fascinating buildings have shaped the face of Altmünster for several centuries.

Gmunden: an urban beauty on everyone's lips

On the northern shore of Lake Traunsee lies the picturesque village of Gmunden, which was appreciated by former aristocrats as a summer resort. Magnificent villas bear witness to the town’s unique position, which has almost 13,300 inhabitants. An atmosphere inspired by royal grandeur can still be felt throughout the lively streets of Gmunden today. The residents and guests alike celebrate a modern lifestyle here which is full of colourful contrasts: the municipal theatre houses a well-equipped cinema, while dance classes or lectures are held at the Kammerhof. Pool lovers take digital souvenir photos on the beach areas, while often with people wearing local costumes sneak onto the photo in the background. Away from this pulsating bustle, idyllic green areas in the shape of an extensive nature reserve awaits you. This spans more than 145 hectares and comprises several biotopes. Since Gmunden has countless cultural and natural treasures worth visiting, staying several days comes highly recommended. An extensive period of time allows you to really discover the incomparable local features.

Individual travel pleasures delight in the Salzkammergut

The Traunsee holiday region invites you all year round to create unforgettable moments with your loved ones. At the same time, the surrounding area is an ideal destination for active solo travellers. Athletic ambitions amidst the lake region can be satisfied as can a thirst for diverse cultural experiences.